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The CapeFLYER Will Be Even More Awesome This Year

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In just a few short hours, it's all aboard the CapeFLYER! The train will be rolling out of South Station this evening, kicking off its third year of seasonal rail service between Boston and Hyannis with two new features and - wait for it - no fare increases.

First stop, a change that will no doubt please suburban commuters as much as travelers heading over the bridge, the addition of a dedicated Friday night CapeFLYER:

In previous years, the Friday night train, which left South Station at 5:12 p.m., was part of the MBTA commuter rail service, so passengers going to the Cape had to make eight stops on the way to Middleborough. This year, a train just for Cape riders will leave South Station at 5:50 p.m. on Fridays and bypass most of those stops, shaving off a little bit of trip time. In case you forgot, these rails were built for comfort, not speed, and arrival time for Hyannis, where intercity bus lines and ferries await, is 8:15 p.m. On the upside, there's no bridge traffic and the train features a cafe car with local beer and wine for sale, free Wi-Fi, opportunities aplenty for taking scenic selfies, and is accessible for all passengers. Plus, bikes and kids under 12 ride gratis. Oh, and there are bragging rights! "The CapeFLYER is a unique example among transportation services in that it pays for its operations through revenue." Onward to our second stop, which is actually a new third stop in Brockton, in between Braintree and Middleborough/Lakeville. So yes, the Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day train will be stopping both more and less often this year.
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