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IKEA Gives Blessing to People Who Make It Even Harder to Put Together IKEA Furniture

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Difficult-to-assemble-furniture magnate IKEA has reportedly floated the idea of an official IKEA Hack product, according to Gizmodo. IKEA Hacks, if you're unfamiliar, is a phenomenon where people take pieces of IKEA furniture and assemble them in a not-prescribed way to create an even better piece of furniture—a practice that, until recently, IKEA has opposed.

It also sounds like a literal nightmare. To be clear, we do not think that "hacking" IKEA furniture is a bad or dumb thing to do. Quite the opposite, in fact. Considering how long it takes us to put together a piece of IKEA furniture the correct way, it seems like you'd have to be a genius to pull it off. If you are out there hacking IKEA furniture, you have our utmost respect. And, it seems, the begrudging respect of IKEA itself, as the chain is thinking about selling "official Hack kits," which sort of takes the fun out of it, and, presumably, would still involve putting something together the way that IKEA says to put it together. So, not a hack? Like everything having to do with IKEA, this is very confusing.
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