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Let's List Everything Missing from Los Angeles' $500 Million Spec Mansion

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Bloomberg ran a story today about real estate developer Nile Niami's Bel Air project, a spec mansion asking $500 million. The mansion will be bigger than the borderline-parodic one still being built by the Queen of Versailles, and will exist because of the (seemingly absurd) pretense that someone who is willing to spend $500 million on a house would not want to have a say in designing said house. Niami says that "the house will have almost every amenity available in the world," as well it should. That said, here are all the things the house (probably) won't have, even though it should. If you can think of any more, leave of them in the comments. Let's keep a running list.

· anti-gravity chamber
· 18-hole golf course
· ball pit
· live-in psychiatrist to help the inhabitant(s) figure out why they felt the need to purchase a $500 million spec mansion
· Ironman suit
· three-ring circus performing nightly in the grand foyer
· four-ring circus performing daily in the grand foyer
· bathroom (maybe there will be a bathroom, but it's not mentioned anywhere in the articles, so who knows)
· fully staffed restaurant that serves only your favorite foods
· a small town that you can be the mayor of
· taste

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