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Fly Through Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater with This Incredible Animation

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[Vimeo/Cristóbal Vila]

Frank Lloyd Wright's 1935 Fallingwater house is, to put it technically, so, so, so, so cool. Is it the coolest house? Although there is no existing metric for measuring such a thing, it may well be the coolest house. We just came across this animation, via Mental Floss, by Cristóbal Vila that shows that structure rising from the waterfall on which it sits and then flies you around, like the Game of Thrones opening credits sequence, but with a real house in rural Pennsylvania. The Mental Floss article is from last year and the animation is from seven years ago, but who cares? Even if you've seen this already you'll probably want to see it again.
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· Fallingwater [Vimeo]