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Rem Koolhaas: Smart-Home Technology Is Spying on Us

Smart-home technology—TVs and sound systems that you can control through your smartphone, automated blinds and central air systems, and the like—have become the norm in luxury residential development. But at least one person is not a fan of these advancements, and that person is famed architect Rem Koolhaas. Speaking to Dezeen, Koolhaas commented that "There is a potentially sinister dimension to, before you know it, being surrounded by a house full of sensors that can follow you on the moment of entry, to the moment you set your bedroom temperature, to the moment you set your likely return to your house." He continued, "It creates, in my feeling, unhealthy knowledge of your personal behaviour preferences," as a security camera swiveled silently toward him of its own accord.
· Architects underestimate "potentially sinister" smart-home technologies says Rem Koolhaas [Dezeen]