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Meet the Lady Who Charges Celebrities $200,000 to Stage Their Homes

Nightline recently ran a segment on celebrity home stager Meredith Baer as an excuse to show the insides of various actors' houses, and, in that regard, it delivered. It also delivered in terms of Baer saying things like, "[Celebrities] will get 20 percent more" on their asking prices if they hire her to stage their homes. Riiiight. To be clear, it's not that staging is not important—it's just not the most important, and chances are that Scarlett Johansson is not living in some unsellable hovel filled with terrible, poorly arranged furniture. (Then again, maybe she is. As the segment points out, celebrities are just like us in that they leave their pajamas on the floor and pay $200,000 for somebody to stage their homes.) Later in the video, Baer reveals her tips for staging your own home, which include 1) paint the walls white, 2) have white sheets, 3) have white towels.
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