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Watch a Living Mural Animate the Sydney Opera House Sails

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No, that's not a hallucination; as part of the Vivid LIVE music and light festival in Sydney, which runs through June 8, the design firm Universal Everything was commissioned to create a light show for the city's most famous performance venue. The eye-popping animation, a collaborative work overseen by the firm, projected hand-drawn imagery to create a living mural on Jørn Utzon's signature building. According to studio head Matt Pyke (who formerly worked for famed British graphic design studio The Designers Republic), the projection collected hand-drawn cells from 22 animators, who were each given 30 seconds and a blank canvas to create imagery that would dance atop the structure's vaulted shells. It took a team of six at Universal Everything four months to put together the show, which used organic motion to showcase the building's exterior forms. In the words of Pyke, it's sort of like the world's biggest flip book, projected onto the Sydney Harbor.

"It is wonderful to be working at a huge scale," says Pyke, "and this is our biggest yet."

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