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The Real-Life Shining Hotel is Getting a Real-Life Hedge Maze

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After an international search for the best design, Colorado's Stanley Hotel is building the real-life version of the hedge maze from Stanley Kubrick's iconic horror flick, The Shining. Based on Steven King's book by the same name, The Shining may not have actually been filmed at Estes Park's Stanley Hotel (that honor goes to the Timberline Lodge in Oregon), but the Colorado hotel did serve as inspiration for King. Today, the Stanley Hotel offers paranormal tours and touts its reputation as the real-life Overlook Hotel from the film. Tired of fielding questions from tourists asking, "Where's the maze?", Stanley Hotel owner John Cullen decided to build a hedge maze this summer.

To select the design, the hotel received 329 applications and ultimately chose a design by Mairim Dallaryan Standing from New York City.

The hedge maze is currently under construction, beginning with foot-tall planter boxes that will make up the foundation of the hedges. And while its design is meant to mimic the maze seen in the movie, don't expect it to be quite as terrifying. The maze will feature 1,200 linear feet of hedges and 1,600 linear feet of walkway, but it won't be near as tall as its cinematic counterpart. Over the next two years, the hotel expects the junipers will grow to about 4 feet in height, so visitors can still see over the tops. The hedges will also include lighting and music, and the hotel hopes to have the maze open to the public by the end of June.

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