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This Proposed Retail Complex in China Is Marvelous

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It's not often that one finds oneself drooling over a mall, but it's also not often that a mall like Vincent Callebaut Architectures' Wooden Orchids complex comes along. The proposed project in Ruichang, China would include, in addition to the retail complex, a public library, sports center, organic food courts and farmers market, and would be created out of prefabricated wooden structures that emulate the petals of orchids, making the whole structure, essentially, into a huge sculptural garden. It would also be highly environmentally sustainable, implementing such tactics as "geothermal heating and cooling, rainwater collection, maximized daylighting through building orientation, wind turbines, and communal rooftop orchards that purify the air," according to Arch Daily.

· Vincent Callebaut Proposes "Wooden Orchids" Green Shopping Center for China [Arch Daily, via designboom]