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Can You Guess How Many Supports Prop Up the Concrete "One-Column House" in Patagonia?

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All photos by Mike Mercau Fotografia via <a href="">Designboom</a>
All photos by Mike Mercau Fotografia via Designboom

If you guessed "one," you got it! After all, the very literal name of this Argentinian home, dubbed the One Column House, gives away the goods—or good—a torquing column that helps support its low-lying, board-formed concrete form. Designed by German firm NE-AR, the structure is technically a 7,750-square-foot extension of an existing summer house, set along a lake in southern Argentina's Patagonia region. Lest you think the central column that gives the house its name is all for show, the architects will have you know that it also accommodates a small fireplace and ensconces the pipes for a rainwater drainage system.

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