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Who Needs Sinks When Your Entire House Is a Skatepark?

After the death of his parents as an adolescent, São Paulo resident Anselmo Arruda found himself with more space than he knew what to do with and decided to turn his house into a skatepark, removing the furniture and tearing out sinks to make the home into one awesome Tony Hawk level. The house, which he calls "cave house," is featured in a very sweet (in both senses of the word) video on The Guardian. "When I was having a rough time without my parents," the now grown up Arruda explains, "I wanted to skate before anything else." It might not be the exact renovation that everyone would choose, and it also might not be livable (although there is still a fridge, at least) but it's still hard not to be envious of this place.
· Brazilian man transforms entire home into his dream skatepark – video [The Guardian]