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The GoPro Drone Is Coming to a Mountain Near You

It's official adrenaline junkies: GoPro has officially entered the drone game. We've seen ski and snowboard videos shot by amateur drone users all season, and it looks like they will become increasingly popular once GoPro launches its first drone in early 2016. The GoPro drone will be a quadcopter, hailed by GoPro CEO Nick Woodman as "the ultimate GoPro accessory." Our friends at the Verge report that Woodman hasn't released an official price yet, but there are sure to be plenty of drone accessories to fill up your quiver. The biggest question after the GoPro reveal are how ski areas will regulate drone usage. It's one thing to have your drone film you on some epic backcountry, but if the GoPro drone becomes as ubiquitous as the GoPro action camera, there will be thousands of drones buzzing above every ski hill. That's not exactly a peaceful powder day.