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This Sexy Mirrored House is Also Good for the Environment

All photos by Hélène Binet and Christoffer Rudquist via <a href="">Inhabitat</a>
All photos by Hélène Binet and Christoffer Rudquist via Inhabitat

Years of intelligently and beautifully crafted projects have helped sustainable design slough off a reputation for being ... aesthetically challenged, but this eco-conscious house in London, the brainchild of local architecture firm DSDHA, is straight-up sexy. Dubbed the Covert House, the mirrored-glass-clad dwelling was built so that much of it is below ground—acquiescing to conservation laws in its protected neighborhood and providing occupants with privacy despite all the broad windows. Raw, unfinished concrete, cast on site, is the predominant material here, meant to act as a foil, say the architects, for the abundance of natural light the interiors receive via skylights throughout the home. Built to Passivhaus standards, the sustainable abode features heat recovery systems, harvests rainwater, and also sports solar panels. Please excuse us while we fan ourselves.

The Daylit Covert House in London is a Passivhaus Stunner [Inhabitat]