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Couple Rents House on Airbnb, Returns to Find 'Chicken Meat In My Shoes,' $60K in Damages

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A Canadian couple had what amounts to pretty much the worst possible experience with short-term rental website Airbnb when they rented their house to someone who claimed to be in Calgary for a wedding, but who actually had plans to ship in hundreds of people via party bus and throw what the police described as "not a party [but] a drug-induced orgy." Oddly, the detail that really sticks out about this story, versions of which have happened before, are food-related. "There was mayonnaise on furniture," said homeowner Star King, "and barbecue sauce everywhere and chicken meat in my shoes and everything is just totally trashed." Airbnb released a statement saying, "We have banned this guest from Airbnb." Oh, good.

· Canadian Airbnb Renters Return Home to Find $60,000 in Damages from 'Drug-Induced Orgy' [Towleroad]