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6 marvelous architectural toys and accessories

Fun and possibly even useful

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building blocks
Blockitecture “Big City” set, $150, Areaware.

Hardcore music fans can collect records and art buffs can collect paintings. But for the architecture lovers out there, the thing you love (buildings!) is most likely too big to take home.

Luckily, designers are coming up with all sorts of ways to fill your home with architecture, whether it's through pure toys or marginally more useful products like, say, skyline-shaped desktop organizers. Here's a look at some of the most creative recent releases.

Miniature Concrete Home by MaterialImmaterial is a series of cute trinkets to spruce up your desk, inspired by beautiful concrete homes of the last century. Featuring exceptional attention to detail, the 10 different designs each cost $55.

Stampville by Aurélien Débat is a set of 25 rubber stamps and two ink pads, perfect for when you need to add a little flair to a drawing—or just want to leave your architectural mark. Each stamp acts as a different part of a scene, be it a wall, roof, or tree, and the set will cost you $21.

Deskstructure by Hector Serrano lets you store desk supplies in tiny porcelain models of a city skyline and warehouse buildings. Get both sets on Wayfair for under $80 each.

Ittyblox by Shapeways makes it easy to build an entire mini city with 3D-printed buildings inspired by the architecture of real cities. Prices range from $6 for one Miami Art Deco hotel to $93 for a collection of seven "New York buildings."

The Constructivist by Zupagrafika is a wonderfully bright homage to Soviet-era avant garde architecture in Russia by way of paper models. This kit comes with four press-out “cardboard comrades” and costs about $20. Zupagrafika also makes cool cut-out paper models of Brutalist architecture in London and Paris.

Blockitecture by James Paulius is a set of hexagonal blocks that let you assemble all kinds of individual towers or a larger cityscape. Choose from starter sets with themes like “Habitat” and “Factory” for $25 each or go for bigger city sets for up to $150.