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Of Course There Would Be an Underwater Tennis Court in Dubai

The director of engineering and technical services at the Institution of Structural Engineers in London seems to think that this underwater tennis court with a see-through glass roof isn't feasible due to such nitpicky concerns as the water pressure weighing "possibly a hundred tons," and how "likely it is to leak," and the fact that "sunlight penetration could be minimal or enough to blind tennis players when refracted by the glass and the water." But come on. This is Dubai we're talking about, the world's leader in wildly unnecessary amusements for rich people and laborer exploitation. If anyone can figure out a way to make the underwater tennis court work, it's them. If you want a lame above-water tennis court, you can go basically anywhere else. If you want the underwater tennis court, and the ski slope inside the shopping mall, and the tennis court in the sky (they love their tennis courts), you go to Dubai.
· Polish Architect Debuts Plans for an 'Underwater Wimbeldon,' a Submerged Tennis Court in Dubai [A/N Blog]