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The Greatest Episode of Cribs Ever Now Has an Oral History

MTV Cribs is a largely insufferable show in which people like Bam Margera make terrible off-the-cuff jokes and show off the cars that they rented for their episodes of MTV Cribs. In the history of the show, there have been two good episodes. The first featured the Ying Yang Twins and defies description. The second featured Redman, and was notable mainly because Redman's house, in the depths of Staten Island, was a complete and utter mess and he did not care at all. Now that episode has an oral history, via Thrillist, finally providing some answers to questions that have lingered in all of our minds since 2001. Questions like, why was Redman's cousin Mr. Cream sleeping on the floor during the episode? "The reason I was on the floor was because the couch—you know how it is when you're sleeping on a leather couch and it gets all hot?" Mr. Cream explains, 14 years later. "When it's too hot to sleep on the couch, I just go right to the floor. It's a cooler situation." Good to know. The whole thing is entirely worth a read.
· An Oral History of Redman's Notorious Cribs Episode [Thrillist]