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What the Kitchen Will Look Like in 2025, According to Ikea

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"Food as design" was one of the big trends spotted at Milan Design Week last month and sure enough, very-busy furniture retailer Ikea dedicated a whole exhibit to Concept Kitchen 2025, a deep exploration of how the kitchen will change in the next decade. The project, a collaboration with design innovation firm Ideo and students from Lund University and the Eindhoven University of Technology, stems from a set of basic assumptions about the world in 2025, e.g. "Our homes will become physically smaller," "'Shopping' will mean 'home delivery'." Unlike "kitchen of the future" predictions from, say, the '50s, these prototypes are less about a magical convenience and more about practicality and the environment.

The dining table that does everything

The dining table of the future will not only be where we eat, but also where food is prepared, where work gets done, where the kids play. Using technology, specifically an overhead camera and projector and induction coils beneath the table surface, the table itself becomes an interactive display for flavor combo suggestions, food preparation tips, and more. Let this video demonstrate:

Storage that helps eliminate food waste

The next-generation pantry will "make food visible" so we waste less of it. The shelves, which will have "hidden sensors and smart induction cooling technology," will keep perishable goods at the counter level and longer-lasting foods in terra-cotta storage boxes on lower levels. Additionally, double-glassed modular containers (↓) will wirelessly cool contents when placed on the pantry shelves and wirelessly heat them when placed on the kitchen table.

A handy waste and composting system

Organic waste from the sink will be blended into a composting system and gets "compressed into a dry, odorless puck" that will then be picked up by the municipality. Non-organic waste will be separated by material. The system will also record what exactly we've disposed and how much we've wasted, info that will determine whether we get an energy credit or debit.

A water-saving sink

To conserve water, the sink of 2025 will have two plug holes: one sends "grey" water for washing and watering plants, the other transports contaminated "black" water to the sewage pipes.

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