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You Can Buy an Opportunity to Ask the Designer of the High Line Questions in a Hot Tub

The Van Alen Institute is auctioning off various activities with famous architects and designers, such as the chance to accompany Bjarke Ingels as he tests his giant smoke ring generator, the chance to take a helicopter ride with Norman Foster, and the chance to go birdwatching with Jeanne Gang. But undoubtedly the best of the bunch is the chance to spend a Sunday at the Fire Island home of High Line-designer and Lincoln Center-renovator Charles Renfro. Not only that, but when you get there, "you will be invited to slip into the hot tub for a roundtable discussion." Are guests also allowed to ask Renfro questions outside the hot tub? You'll have to pay at least $1,950 to find out.
· Charles Renfro Hot Tub Roundtable [Paddle8]