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Forget Your Spirit Animal and Seek Out Your Spirit Shelter

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It's a grand gesture to name your nature retreat Arcadia; it's almost as bold as slapping a sign that says Walden or Eden above the front door. But this simple wood frame structure by a trio of German architects may just get away with the hyperbole. Designed by Bauhaus University students Matthias Prüger, Manuel Rauwolf and Ulrike Wetzel, Arcadia the Spirit Shelter, also called the "Soul Box," is meant as a means for spatial and self discovery. The small 8-square-meter (~26 square-foot) structure includes an office-like overhang to scan and search the surrounding wilderness, while a small bunk and sleeping area below offers "space for meditation and self-exploration." Composed of modular wooden and fiberglass panels made for quick assembly and disassembly, this could be ideal for an impromptu weekend in the woods. Just make sure your phone batteries are fully charged before setting out.

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