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Mad Men Real Estate Update: Don Is So Close, and Yet So Far, From Having an Apartment

With only two weeks left in Mad Men, the question on everybody's mind is: Will Don Draper find a new apartment and will it be awesome? The answer to the first part is an emphatic "yes." Don has found a new apartment. "The floors of your apartment will be done Monday," Meredith, his secretary, tells him early in the episode. "If you pick paint you can move in next week." And just like that, one of the series' biggest hanging threads has been resolved. The end is in sight. But, as for the second part of the question, we'll have to wait until the series finale to find out. Will Don move in at all? Will he pick his paint? What paint will he pick? These are the types of running themes that Matthew Weiner and company interweave brilliantly, and it reminds us exactly why we'll miss this show.

Heretofore, Meredith has not really impressed any of the characters in the show. (Betty, in particular, is wont to call her an idiot, as she does in this episode.) But with the clock running down, and Don's new apartment, wherever it is, still undecorated, she grabs the ball and runs with it.

"Have you thought about furniture?" she asks Don.

"I think it looks great in here," he replies, dismissively.

"No, for your apartment. You only have a bed."

With all the other characters seeming to have lost all sense of purpose, Meredith's is expanding by the second. Is Roger worried that Don only has a bed? Of course not—he's too busy getting drunk and playing an organ of mysterious origin. Likewise, Joan is too busy fighting a losing battle against sexism to realize that Don has no idea what kinds of curtains he wants. Peggy is getting drunk with Roger. It all falls to Meredith, and she is more than up to the task.

In the climactic moments of the series, Meredith presents a poster board covered with interior design themes to Don. "Where did you learn to do this?" he asks, possibly really seeing her for the first time.

"I was an army brat, remember?" she explains. "New base every year."

He points at the board. "I want to live here."

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