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The New Airbnb for Orgies Ought to Solve Some Problems

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The key to starting a business, according to business-starting people, is to find a specific need and fill it. Airbnb, the popular and controversial home-sharing website, fills two needs: people's need to be able to making money by renting out their houses, and other people's need to find lodgings in different cities without paying hotel prices. It also exposed a (probably not entirely) unforeseen need that a minority of people have, to rent strangers' houses and have massive orgies. This is not always ideal for the people who own the houses.

But now there is a new version of Airbnb, called Kinkbnb, intended to fill that specific need. (Sidenote: Although we definitely get what they're doing with the name, the idea of breakfast being served in a sex dungeon is something we'd rather not think about.) With Kinkbnb, you can book a stay in such places as "The Office, Portland's boutique dungeon," which includes a "spanking horse," and "Prison Cell near Leipzig, Germany," which is pretty self-explanatory.

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