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The Prettiest (And Most Bizarre) Upcycled Ski Furniture

The ski world has a long history of accumulating old gear: decades of skis, poles, and out-of-style jackets (with lift tickets!) that have long since lost their waterproofing. For people who love skiing (or snowboarding), it's a travesty to get rid of these prized possessions, even if they only come out of the box at the end-of-the-year spring bash. But long-time collectors know the key to preserving those relics from the 1960s or heck, even the 1980s: ski furniture. What likely started with ski bums using whatever material they had lying around to make ends meet (read: the iconic ski fence) has transformed itself into a whole industry. Now, you don't need to save up your skis from yesteryear to build that awesome bench; just take a stroll on the interwebs and discover a plethora of ski furniture options. From beds to benches to ski pole wind chimes (yes, they exist), we've got the round up of ski country's prettiest and most bizarre upcycled furniture.

Any ski town worth it's weight in powder has a ski fence made from awesome, skinny skis that probably boast some sweet 80s graphics.

The most basic ski furniture is the ski chair, often in the adirondack style:

And of course, the snowboard bench (extra points for old stickers):

But from here, people start getting much more creative. Take, for example, this lovely ski chandelier:

And the ever popular ski table, in its various incarnations:

Here's a ski wine rack, complete with reclaimed ski poles as the racks:

If you've been dreaming about a ski bed, this one's for you:

And for the musical types, there are even ski wind chimes:

If you've got some extra cash, buy old gondolas or chairlifts to repurpose in the house. Some are downright beautiful, like Adrien Rovero's "Rock":

Or this one in Whitefish, Montana:

Chairlifts work inside:

Or outside as swings:

Finally, there's the just plain tacky:

Have any great upcycled ski furniture that we missed? Send us a note!

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