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Couple Rescues Portland Victorian from a Hoarding Disaster

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In the span of one-and-a-half months, pastor Josh White and wife Darcy turned a Victorian farmhouse in Portland, Oregon, from a home in shambles into a totally charming "nest." According to Design Sponge, the home previously belonged to a hoarder and its windows had all been papered over. Clearly, the new owners had a lot of work to do. To start, the couple tore out the bathrooms and carpeting and added new windows in the living room to brighten up the space. Then there was rebuilding the kitchen, which had been stripped of existing sinks and cupboards and then carefully reconstructed from salvage shop finds.

Decor-wise, the couple aimed to create a "cozy, forever home" that draws inspiration from various homes they've vacationed in—whether it'd be a villa in Costa Rica or a cabin on the Puget Sound. This goal translated into a dwelling filled with a mix of thrift store furniture and art, Costco sheepskins, Ikea accessories, as well as intricate Mexican tiles purchased from eBay.

Below, a few more shots. For the full gallery, head over to Design Sponge.

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