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This $20,000/Month Houston Mansion Is Great for (Dead) Animal Lovers

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Today marks the beginning of the annual Renters Week across the Curbed Universe, and in celebration of this glorious week, Flipped will be bringing you some of the nation's most absurd, impressive, or otherwise notable houses and apartments for rent across the country, starting with this over-7,000-square-foot mansion in Houston, Texas. Highlights include the enormous dining room tapestry, leopard-print fainting couch, and overall decor, which the listing describes, ostensibly complementarily, as "Dripping in marble & stone." But the true standout has to be the tiger skin rug in the office. Nothing says "important business is being conducted in this office" like a tiger skin with the head still attached.

· Listing: 2124 Looscan Ln [Trulia]