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You Can Livestream a Bar for Birds in Canada

There isn't much about this situation that the headline doesn't explain, but to fill in a few of the details, a man named Elling Lien built a miniature birdhouse-bar outside of his home in Newfoundland, modeled after a local bar, and set up a camera to record a 24-hour livestream, which is broadcast on Youtube. (Not much is happening as of the writing of this post, though Lien explains that juncos visit the bar every hour or so—apparently, they really need to get their lives together—and blue jays tend to come around in the morning, which is better but still problematic.) The bar itself is great, with tiny stools and little video screen that sometimes has karaoke. Really, this whole thing is just the best.
· Canadian guy opened a tiny bar for tiny drunk birds in his backyard [Mashable]