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This Custom Modern Houseboat May Be Berlin's Hippest Rental

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Location: Berlin, Germany
Price: From £1,050 (~$1,600) per week

In a classic "rent, don't buy" moment, this modern houseboat on Berlin's Lake Rummelsburg brings some Glass House vibes to the waters, offering a one-of-a-kind way to experience the hip European city. For approximately $1,600 a week, you can escape to the 645-square-foot dwelling and get cozy among its sparse assemblage of custom-made furnishings. The lack of interior diversions helps highlight the special vantage point you're paying for—walls of glass provide both sweeping views of the the city and its famous TV tower and a tranquil front-row-seat for observing your would-be neighbors: gangs of ducks and swans in a small nature reserve by the dock.

Developed by Chris and Oliver Laugsch, brothers who curate unique vacation rentals and boutique hotels at WelcomeBeyond, the petite aquatic abode is just big enough for two adults and two children and comes with an open kitchen, large living area with retractable bed and couch, main bedroom, and two bikes for guests to use. Though, if you have the proper license and are willing to go through couple hours of training, you can also take the engine-equipped houseboat out for a spin.

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