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Inside the Tiniest Cottage For Rent on Cape Cod

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Feast your eyes on the tiniest cottage for rent on Cape Cod. While the four walls and a roof formerly known as the tiniest cottage for sale on Cape Cod is no longer available for purchase, the wee West Yarmouth abode can be yours for a week at a time this summer.

To refresh, the 162-square-foot unit is located in the Beachwood Cottages Colony off Route 28 and has walkability to Polar Cave Ice Cream, Captain Parker's Pub and one of the ubiquitous Christmas Tree Shops. Inside, the renovated studio features frilly decor and a kitchen with a mini-fridge, Breville convection oven/toaster, griddle and a small space standard, the hot plate. Outside, there's a front yard with a picnic table and a fenced backyard with a grill and a patio table. While the "romantic cottage for two" was looking to sell for $69,900, a summer week will run you $678 in 2015.
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