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To Hell With Marie Kondo: 22 Solutions for Small-Space Living With All Your Beloved Stuff

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Are you one of earth's three billion urban dwellers? Then there's a fair chance you're limited on space. And in case you don't subscribe to Marie Kondo's Do-Away-With-Everything-That-Doesn't-Spark-Joy manifesto, you probably have a lot of stuff squirreled away that you no longer have room for, but aren't quite ready to part with. Enter the savior of the uncompromising hoarder: Space-saving furniture. We've compiled 21 lightweight, multi-functional, and adjustable items that will perform spatial alchemy on any apartment. Their beauty is in their ability to transform, contain, and enlarge. You can shop them all right now, they fit into every budget (Ahem, Josef Alber's Nesting Tables gladly rub shoulders with a $3 shelf from Flying Tiger), and will give your Container Store-ridden apartment a much needed update.

1. SAIC's Sling Nightstand is $249. Shop it at Cb2

2. Konstantin Grcic's Tom Tom Table is $500. Shop it at The Future Perfect.

3. Cora Neil's Mini Wall Planter is $58. Shop it at Hedge.

4. Hand & Eye Studio's Duo Terracotta Table Lamp is $210. Shop it at Such and Such.

5. A shelf from Sabi is $80. Shop it here. If you're in the mood to be mesmerized by its technical feats, take a peek at this video.

6. IKEA's PS 2014 Wall Shelf is $49.99. Buy it here.

7. Alex Valder's Coverboy Hanging Rack is $118. Shop it at Dwell Store.

8. Josef Alber's Nesting Tables are $2,200. Shop it at MoMA's Design Store.

9. Paul Loebach's Cup Lamp is $180. Shop it at Umbra Shift.

10. Serena & Lily's Hanging Rattan Chair is $450. Shop it here.

11. Nate Berkus' Brass Accent Table is $79.99. Shop it at Target.

12. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's Copenhague Desk is $1,010. Shop it at Nest.

13. West Elm's Coffee Table Storage Desk is $549. Shop it here.

14. Incipit Lab's Scroll Calendar is $60. Shop it at Crowdy House.

15. Thing Industry's Sacrificial Chair is $180. Shop it here.

16. Flying Tiger's Hylde Shelf is $3. Shop it here.

17. Cycloc's Endo Bike Rack is $60. Shop it here.

18. Good Thing's General Tray is $54. Shop it at Cooper Hewitt's Design Store.

19. Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm's Georg Console Table is $649. Shop it at Design Within Reach.

20. Philippe Malouin' Hanger Chair is $200. Shop it at Umbra Shift.

21. Plant-In City's Walnut Terrarium is $150. Shop it at Home Made.

22. A-FORM's Peggy storage table is but a prototype with a dream, but intrepid design lovers can reach the firm here to ask about a commission.