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Must Watch: New Film 'The Search for Freedom' Explores Why We Love Adventure So Much

Most everyone has a passion for something, whether it's cooking, running, or architecture. But for people addicted to adventure, the passion for the outdoors and the search for that next high can take on truly epic proportions. Why do we risk life and limb in order to play outside? Writer and director Jon Long tackles this complex subject in his latest film, The Search for Freedom, which screens today in over 70 theaters. The documentary interviews professional athletes and legends of surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking, base jumping, and kiteboarding to find out what drives humans to attempt the impossible. While the plot jumps around a bit from sport to sport, jaw-dropping cinematography and smart editing make this film a must-watch for anyone who feels the urge to find a bigger wave, harder line, or push the boundaries of sport. Highlights include interviews with Tony Hawk, Warren Miller, Annie Boulanger, Gary Fisher, and Jeremy Jones. Our advice: take a break from the summer heat and check this film out. It's a playful yet thoughtful exploration of what drives the human spirit from the mouths of the people who know adventure first hand.

Can't make it to a theater tonight? Look for a global VOD release on all platforms in August.

· The Search for Freedom [Official Site]