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Tom Dixon Designed These Super Covetable London Pads, But Not All Is as It Seems...

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These ridiculously covetable apartments in an SOM-designed building in London are by Tom Dixon Design Research Studio, the design consortium in the British capital that also creates jack-shaped metal doorstops and wingback chairs with mod, minimalist profiles they describe as "rakish." For No. 2 at Upper Riverside, a series of tiered glass residential towers in southeast London with sleek facades and cantilevered terraces that look like pixellation, Tom Dixon's atelier lent its hand to a mix of 35 studio apartments, lofts, and penthouses. The result is an eclectic and pretty sexy mix of materials in each unit: iridescent glass partitions, subway tile in shimmering green, and dark herringbone-wood wall panels are all on offer. But, lest you think the brightly colored beauty you see above (↑) is a photograph, let us disillusion you now. Incredibly, that's a rendering.

In fact, Curbed got in touch with an agent representing a property in the complex and she confirmed that all of the current imagery consists of hyper-realistic photo renders, complete with shadows, reflections, and wood grain that nearly fooled our eagle eyes. That technology's certainly come a long way, hasn't it?

The complex is set to open for residency in late 2018, so you have plenty of time to break your piggy bank and hatch a plan to move to the UK.

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