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This Color-Blocked Tiny Home is Gorgeous and Eco-Friendly

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The tiny house frenzy has taken so many surprising turns already (This boho-glam dream! A prefab glamper! A tiny wedding chapel!?). Now, the game changes again with the Toy Box Tiny Home, a handsomely colorful 140-square-foot micro dwelling on wheels, designed and constructed by Illinois-based tiny house builders Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz. The little abode is loaded with eco-friendly features, including white, energy-efficient thermoplastic roofing, a large sliding glass door and ample windows that enhance daylighting and natural ventilation, and built-in planters that can be irrigated by gray water from interior sinks. Other distinguishing features: storage cubes that can transform into different seating configurations in the living room, a floating cabinet for housing common cooking ingredients, and a loft big enough for a king-size bed.

You've got to see the inside. >>