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Yellowstone Club Compound Boasts A Secret Wine Grotto

How do architects of ski homes top indoor basketball courts and baller swimming pools? By building secret rooms. In this 4-bedroom, 6-bath property asking $9.85 million in Montana's high-end Yellowstone Club, Centre Sky architects designed the 7,587-square-foot house with all the standard ski chalet amenities: spectacular views, an elevator, rustic wood materials, and a theater. There's even a 2-bedroom, 2-bath guest house on the 5.25-acre property so you don't have to get too close when those pesky relatives come to visit. But where the house really shines is the secret wine room. Located on one of the lower levels, you push a bookshelf to reveal a round, grotto-like room that (per the listing) is "reminiscent of the old Montana mining era." We're not sure what mining-era wine rooms might have looked like, but if they were this cool, we're in.

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