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Here Are the First Route and Station Proposals For California's Magical Hyperloop

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The Hyperloop is an entirely new form of a transportation proposed by welfare billionaire/Tesla founder Elon Musk that would hypothetically shoot capsules of people through what are essentially giant pneumatic tubes, getting travelers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about half an hour. It's supposed to be "ultra-clean, ultra safe, affordable, intra-urban travel at super-high speed." Everyone, including Musk, knows it is hypothetical. What Suprastudio, a master's architecture and design studio at UCLA, and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, (*not the Arts District startup as previously written, but a different company with the same name), presuppose is: maybe it isn't? The two have been working together to come up with a prototype and the Suprastudio students have just released some of their research and proposals, with ideas for routes, station design, capsule design, and more.

Curbed LA has the full story and diagrams galore. >>