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Brilliant Tiny Apartment in Madrid Demands a Ton of Climbing

Sometimes all the space-saving furniture in the world isn't enough and you just need a total apartment overhaul. That certainly seems like what happened with this 226-square-foot Madrid pad belonging to Alberto Bravo, co-founder of the contemporary knitting kit brand, We Are Knitters. For Bravo's home, Spanish design firm MYCC focused not on the square footage, but rather the cubic volume. Since the tiny space was blessed with 13-foot ceilings, the firm essentially constructed a vertical house with floating "rooms" that all branch out from a central lounge.

On one end of the lounge, climb up for the kitchen or take a few steps down for the bathroom. On the other end, go up a 90-degree ladder for the workspace or head down to the sleeping nook. It all looks pretty functional, albeit a tad precarious. AD España has more photos.

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