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Is The World's Nicest McDonald's in The Netherlands?

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All photos © Jeroen Musch via <a href="">Archdaily</a>
All photos © Jeroen Musch via Archdaily

There's been something of a flourishing of design-minded fast-food outposts lately. Not to be outdone, the Dutch city of Rotterdam can now stake a claim to its own. Mei Architects and Planners created this McDonald's that features transparent walls, an effort to help it blend into a historic boulevard. By day, an elegant white-steel staircase is the building's most noticeable design move but, at night, the structure's brass screens put on a show of their own. When illuminated from behind, the perforated screens reveal an image of a Rotterdam crowd. This design might represent McDonald's making-up for past mistakes: it replaces an older McDonald's voted "the ugliest building in Rotterdam."

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