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Here Is the Perfect Mirror if You Want Your Houseguests to Think You're Stealing Their Souls

[Ahhhhh, via Vimeo]

If you have been looking for an octagonal mirror made of pompoms (and who hasn't?) then here's some good news: at least one of those mirrors exists, at the bitforms gallery in New York. How it works is the sculpture is controlled by hundreds of motors that build silhouettes you stand in front of the mirror and your evil twin emerges from the pompoms via dark magic. If you step away from the mirror, it forms a black hole that swallows everything. If you stare at the mirror for too long, your evil twin reaches out and grabs you and pulls you inside and you are transported to an alternate dimension where everything is pompoms.

This mirror is to die for. Muahahahahaha.
· Daniel Rozin PomPom Mirror, 2015 [bitforms]