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Vermont Ski Ares Just Had Their Best Ski Season Ever

All winter long as the west languished under several high pressure systems that just wouldn't break, Northeastern skiers were joyfully hooting and hollering in pow. Everyone knew that the east had the best winter ever (if you love snow), but now the numbers are out to prove it. According to the Vermont Ski Areas Association, 2014-2015 was the best the state has ever seen. Vermont saw nearly 4.7 million skier visits, topping a previous record set in 2001. The Associated Press reports that Vermont Ski Areas Association President Parker Riehle called the season a "near-perfect winter" that allowed ski areas to open early and keep the lifts turning well into spring. So how much money did all that snow add up to? The ski season brought in about $220 million in revenue for the state, an increase of 4 percent.