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Architects, Please Consider Bringing Your Babies to Groundbreaking Ceremonies

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Basketball star Stephen Curry has revolutionized the postgame press conference during the NBA playoffs by bringing his two-year-old daughter, Riley, along to do funny baby stuff and distract everyone from the fact that postgame press conferences are really boring. You know what else is really boring? Groundbreaking ceremonies. You know who else has babies? Architects, probably. Here is a pro-con list for why architects should (or shouldn't) start bringing their babies to groundbreaking ceremonies.

· Babies in hardhats are really cute (see picture).
· If there's a ribbon that gets cut, a baby could play with the ribbon.
· If a serious journalist shows up with hard-hitting questions, you can pretend you have to take care of the baby.
· What if they got the baby a tiny little shovel and had it do the actual groundbreaking? So cute.

· Seems like construction sites could be dangerous for babies.
· No baby should be forced to listen to a real estate developer giving a speech.
· Babies are noted detractors of modernist architecture and tend to prefer a more classical style, so it could get tense if they see the renderings.

Anyway, it's up to you, architects. They're your babies. Just something to think about.