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Amazing Paris Apartment Includes a Tiny 'Greenhouse' Kitchen

We already know architects can build some pretty spectacular houses for themselves, so it's no surprise that they can also turn ordinary apartments into one-of-a-kind, playful pads. Take this high-ceilinged abode in a 20th-century Paris building, for example. Over the course of one year, it was whimsically revamped by interior architect Grégoire de Laforrest for his family. The resulting 1,100-square-foot space checks off a few buzzy design trends, including the "house within a house" concept and the (quasi) treehouse feel.

Anchoring the well-lit living and dining area under huge skylights is a convincingly fake tree—the same kind found in airports and other public spaces. The rest of the home takes the form of a small village, where the kitchen is housed in a tiny greenhouse and all the other rooms are hidden in little gabled volumes. Get the full story and more photos over on InsideOut.

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