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4 Great Ways to Shield Your Home from Mind-Reading Aliens

A man in Florida has annoyed/confused his neighbors by covering his entire house (which he rents) as well as two of the surrounding palm trees in aluminum foil. "This is art," he told the Tampa Bay Times. Whether or not that is true is not for us to say, but one thing is for sure: it's definitely a great way to protect your house against mind-reading aliens. Here are some more handy methods for keeping those pesky extraterrestrials out of your brain. As an added bonus, any of these could also possibly double as art.

· Radios
While tin foil is great for blocking radio waves, placing actual radios all over your house and tuning them to different stations will effectively cloud the waves, confusing the aliens. While they think they're reading your thoughts, they may actually just be listening to "Hotel California." Conveniently, you can buy a portable AM/FM radio for only $25.

· Concrete
Aluminum might prevent some of your thoughts from escaping, but if you really want to get the job done right, you can't go wrong with covering your entire house with a concrete shell. Make sure to ask your landlord first, though—you wouldn't want to lose that security deposit!

· Thought tank
If your thoughts are going to be removed from your brain, at least you could remove them yourself and store them in a copper-plated tank. Dig a hole in the middle of your dining room (who uses the dining room anyway, right?) and connect the tank to wires that will siphon out your brain-waves while you're sleeping. That's efficient!
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