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Just What Italy Needed: More Leaning Towers

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For almost 1,000 years, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has cornered the market on leaning towers in Italy. But now here comes the always controversial Daniel Libeskind, with three new towers that he has designed to be built near the AS Roma football stadium, acting like he didn't even know that being a tower that leans is kind of the Tower of Pisa's thing. "Oh, sorry," he'll probably say, grinning disingenuously, the next time he runs into the tower at a party. "You also lean? I never noticed. Well, I'm sure there's room for four leaning towers in Italy. It's a big country, after all."

It's a good thing Diotisalvi isn't alive to see this.
· Daniel Libeskind plans three angular skyscrapers for Rome [Dezeen]