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Angled Chalet in the Austrian Alps Tries Modern On For Size

From self-sufficient huts to chalets that look like bird nests, the European Alps are full of architectural marvels. And while it may not be a camouflaged boulder, this modern take on the classic chalet in Austria still has us looking twice. Located in a small village near the Kitzbuhel Ski Area, SoNo Architects designed the multi-leveled structure to take advantage of the site's steep slope. A paneled glass wall overlooks the valley below while the gabled roofs are meant to mimic the surrounding peaks. We're smitten with the angled main entrance (just check out the lighting) and love that the TRX-inspired workout room wants you to "exercise because zombies will eat the slow ones first." Don't worry though, despite all the modern touches, there are still antlers and the required antique skis on the wall.

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