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This Midcentury-Style Mountain Dwelling is Simply Exquisite

Very good things can happen when design-minded folks leave the city for calmer domains (remember this Spanish couple's lovely timber retreat among grazing sheep?) Another case in point: the midcentury-esque mountain dwelling of Australian photographer Harold David and his partner, musician Andy Medina, along with their twin sons and a nanny. David, who first spotted and coveted the house in 2005, purchased the home in 2013 and hauled his whole family—plus an impressive modernist furniture collection—from a Sydney-area bungalow to this 1984 home in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Before moving in, David spent three months repainting the walls dark blue and the floorboards white, all in an effort to get the place to feel less like a wood-laden sauna. In an interview with InsideOut David says that the home, with all its "paneled timber ceilings" and "odd-shaped, heavy timber windows" suggests it's clearly inspired by the residential work of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The full story and more photos over on InsideOut.

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