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Vandals Spray Paint 'Vagina of the Queen' Sculpture in Paris

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(Some) French people, as it turns out, really don't like it when you install a giant sculpture outside the Palace of Versailles and obliquely compare it to Marie Antoinette's vagina. Anish Kapoor's "Dirty Corner" sculpture was hit by vandals yesterday, and though French authorities worked quickly to clean it, Kapoor would like to once again clarify that people who are interpreting his comment of, "There will be a mysterious sculpture of rusted steel 10 meters high, weighing thousands of tons of stones and blocks all around. Again sexual nature: the vagina of the Queen who took power." (credit to Google Translate) as "My sculpture represents Marie Antoinette's vagina" are wrong. "Calling 'Dirty Corner' the queen's vagina is a way to belittle my work," he said. "These are not my words. This is also not the way I think."
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