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Believe It or Not, This Charming 'London Loft' is Totally CGI

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From Ikea catalogs that are mostly computer generated to hyperrealistic renderings passing for listing photos, it's getting really hard to believe our eyes anymore. Here's another fun example: this video tour of a streamlined, design-y "London loft" seems like a pretty wonderful example of compact urban living...until you realize every last detail was rendered on a computer. Completed by using Unreal Engine 4, a software used to develop next-gen video games, the clip (extracted from a downloadable demo that you can navigate yourself) cruises through the virtual dwelling, filled with 370 hand-drawn objects, including a white Eames shell chair, decorative skateboards, and a messy lofted bed.

A few months ago, there was similar video of a "Paris apartment" rendered with the same software and it's also worth checking out. Rendering "fly throughs" for new buildings and programs for virtually outfitting interiors are already common to the design field. But if these impressive virtual apartment tours are any indication, consumers will be getting a bigger and bigger taste of rendering technology for all things home. What do you think Curbed readers—would you like to tinker with and "preview" your house like a video game?

Here's the video:

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