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See How Park City Has Transformed From 1974 to Today

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Like many ski towns, Park City was a mining town long before people began skiing downhill. But the rise of recreational skiing in the 1920s and 1930s ensured that as early as 1923, the Park Record predicted that skiing would make the town "a mecca for winter sports." Originally called Treasure Mountain Resort, what's now Park City Mountain Resort opened in 1963 with a gondola, base and summit lodges, a chairlift, a J-bar, and a nine-hole golf course. Over time, the resort added runs, chairlifts, and more restaurants. In 1966 the ski area changed its name to Park City Ski Area, and in 1996 it became Park City Mountain Resort. Take a peek at these old trail maps to see just how much the mountain has changed. And get ready, Vail Resorts is currently investing $50 million this summer to bring all sorts of upgrades to the mountain. Head over here for the full details on this record-breaking capital investment.

Here's what the ski area looked like in 1974 (click to expand):

And here's the mountain in 1978 (click to expand):

Here's the trail map from 1987 (click to expand):

Notice the new lifts for the 1993-1994 season (click to expand):

In 1996-1997, the ski area added Utah's first high speed six passenger chairlift (click to expand):

And even more trails and lifts were added for 1997-1998 (click to expand):

Here's what the mountain looked like in 2003 (click to expand):

In 2008-2009, PCMR debuted the high-speed Crescent lift and the renovated mid-mountain lodge (click to expand):

And this was the ski resort map in 2014 (click to expand):

Finally, here are some of the big changes on the horizon:

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