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The Standing Desk Trend Has Officially Jumped the Shark

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The standing desk is a thing that exists because, at some point a few years ago, somebody said that sitting down is bad for you and everybody believed him. You've probably seen one or two of them in your office, if you work in an office. If you work in an office with cubicles, you can identify the people with standing desks because their heads are sticking up above the cubicle walls like gophers. That probably looks pretty funny. But we digress.

The thing about standing, especially when you do it for long periods of time, is that it is uncomfortable. (Sitting is also uncomfortable, if you do it for a long time, but then again, so is everything. It's still more comfortable than standing.) Somehow, it has taken people about three years to realize this. And yet, what are they supposed to do? Just go back to sitting? Sitting is still unhealthy, probably, for some reason. Hence: the LeanChair, a...device on a rocking metal platform with a footrest and a back cushion.

Just give up and sit down, guys. The reason you're uncomfortable is because you're at work. Nothing is going to change that.

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