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A Brilliant Idea for Reusing Old iPhones as Lamps and Speakers

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When people rush to snatch up the latest smartphone offerings, the older but still functional units are usually sold, given away, or in the saddest scenario, banished to some dark corner. Ukrainian industrial designer Ivan Zhurba has another idea. His new project, the iPhone Lamp, sources its light from the flashlight feature of an iPhone, which would be slotted into the thin "arm" of the minimalist apparatus. The design also allows for a charging cable while the iPhone is in use and, as Designboom details, includes an "acoustic tunnel that amplifies the sound coming from the speaker of the iPhone."

The current design, which fits the iPhone 4/4s, 5/5c, will be available on Zhurba's shop through the 3D-printing platform Kwambio later this summer (so yes, that means a 3D printer is needed to obtain the product.) He's already working on an version for the iPhone 6, because that model is only getting "older" each day.

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