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From $800 to $2000, These Are the Median Rents of Ski Country's Most Popular Towns

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With the real estate market on the upswing throughout ski country, it's harder than ever to find affordable housing for locals looking to live the dream. And while gorgeous vacation rentals are one side of the story, no Renters Week would be complete without a look at how Joe Schmo is surviving in the high country. Our friends at Zumper did some research on just how expensive it is to rent in paradise. Not surprisingly, Jackson Hole, Wyoming tops the list of the priciest places to rent, with the median rent for a 1 bedroom coming in at a pricey $2,000. Dreaming of the ski life but can't afford $2K per month?

The figures below are for median 1-bedroom rents, collected using data from April and May, 2015. The numbers reflect which ski towns are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. In spots like Jackson Hole and Aspen, demand largely outstrips supply and what inventory is available is often geared towards the higher end, leaving those in the middle without many options. The cities that have more affordable rents (in Lake Tahoe and Big Sky, for example), also have a larger inventory pool from which to draw.

For comparison's sake, here are the 1 bedroom median rents from the top 10 most expensive cities in the United States. Currently, it's more expensive to rent in Jackson Hole than it is to live in Oakland, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Seattle.

Up next for Renters Week 2015: Look for stories on how vacation rentals affect ski town housing.

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